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We Can Train Your Trainers

Inexperienced trainers from the operating ranks often need more than just a few days of workshop participation to prepare for the new world of training. They need the skill to conduct technical research, manage the training enterprise, conduct sessions, and provide one-on-one coaching.

Delta Training Partners commits to you the mix of services you need to build or enhance in-house training skills.

Services include:

  • Teaching trainers to create materials
  • Assessing the skills of training team members
  • Schooling them on how to make training interactive, even fun!
  • Designing instruction and one-on-one coaching to ramp up training skills
  • Teaching your trainers how to write comprehensive operating procedures
  • Facilitating the development of training plans, needs assessments, and curricula
  • Teaching trainers presentation and coaching techniques
  • Minimizing your dependence on training consultants
  • Coaching them through the initial efforts to instruct, reinforce, and evaluate results
  • Teaching the basics of adult learning
  • Providing guidance and leadership as your trainers gain knowledge and skill

Delta T has the flexibilty to lead your training effort or play a supporting role, contributing coaching and tactical advice as your trainers take ownership of your process. We adapt our services to the needs of each trainer, depending upon individual requirements and progress.

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