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We Can Help Design Your Training System

Delta T can help you establish a training system by helping create:

A curriculum that identifies the training requirements for acquiring knowledge and skill required for a job position. It lists the stops you will make on the road to proficiency. It specifies what a person should learn at each point in the training process. It specifies the information that the trainee should study.

Materials that are the vehicle for acquiring job knowledge and skills. They can be general (overviews), site-specific (procedures), simple (checklists), or complex (simulators). They can be paper-based, computer-based, group oriented or self study. Materials of various types can also be blended.

A Process that identifies the best route on the trip to proficiency. The curriculum will specify that a trainee perform a series of tasks, some of them in a classroom, some in front of a computer, and some of them in the field. The training process tells them how to proceed.

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