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Employee Development Programs

Connect your organization to strategies focused on employee development that counts. As your learning partner, Delta T can help you create a focused system -blending dynamic workshops, networking, and performance results- that works for your organization.

Business leaders are often disappointed with "one-size-fits-all" approaches to employee development. One-day workshops on "Leadership" or "Teambuilding" are often canned presentations with little connection to real workplace problems.

Our approach is different. We build interactive sessions around critical business issues, sessions that focus on your work environment. As we work with your employees on conflict management skills, for example, we help them develop strategies to deal with everyday difficulties. Our goal is to build skills that have immediate application. Skills that yield business results you can see and measure: meetings that get results, difficulties resolved, processes improved.

To accomplish these bottom-line results, we focus on developing key work skills in areas such as: improving team decision-making, leading effective meetings, and understanding financial reports, coaching to improve performance.

Our programs aren't "canned;" we work with you from the opposite approach -identifying your critical workplace needs first, then helping you create solutions that address those needs. With a systematic approach, you can strengthen your organization at the individual, team, supervisory, and management/leadership levels.

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