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Put Your Reference & Training Materials Online

On-line documentation can offer you up-to-date experience and process expertise every hour of every working day. Reference and training information delivered on-line puts every operator just a few keystrokes away from sound operating advice.

Documentation can include:

  • Basic information on processes
  • Detailed information on variables, recirculation, and bypass options
  • Troubleshooting strategies and tactics
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Training materials
  • Drawings, photographs, and video

On-line documentation can be linked to safety data needed by your team. It can be used for reference and as part of an ongoing training process, preparing people to assume the responsibilities of any job position in your mill area.

Establishing your on-line documentation system doesn't require the use of proprietary software. In fact, Delta Training has helped a number of clients put training and procedural information on line using readily available software. We're masters at realizing the full potential of software applications you already have, minimizing expense and compressing the learning curve.

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