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Put Our STAT Program to Work

STAT, an acronym for Systems and Task Audit Tool, is our spreadsheet program specifically designed for collecting needs analysis data on a technical process. The spreadsheet layout enables us to categorize data as it is collected. We can later organize the information in various ways to achieve instructional goals.

For example, as we analyze each piece of equipment and each "system" in an industrial process, we identify all terms and definitions that trainees needed to know to operate effectively. Each required term is identified individually, but also linked to a "terms and definitions" category. We have established over a dozen categories to help us later sort through information. Once we complete the analysis, we simply filter on the "terms and definitions" category to create a comprehensive list of necessary terms. The list can then serve as the basis for a paper-based or on-line glossary, interactive exercises, assessments, and "down and dirty" checklists for learning critical terms, matched to job positions.

STAT gives us the flexibility to design training materials based on the criticality of what's to be learned, and to adjust assessments and exercises accordingly. We've used the STAT needs analysis engine in new and existing process areas both as a design tool and to structure the development work of trainers.

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