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We Develop Training Materials

Effective training materials appeal to a variety of learning styles, engage the audience, transmit information, reinforce learning, and build job skills. We have experience producing all kinds of materials for all kinds of uses.

Paper-Based Materials: A variety of formats available. Highly graphic, color, geared to specific reading levels

Computer-Based Materials: Interactive multimedia. Desktop, network, and web-based training applications

Checklists and Job Aids: Down-and-dirty materials, paper-based or computer-based, can be very effective learning tools

Standard Operating Procedures: (SOPs) Paper or computer-based, essential operating tools for quality and safety

Graphics: 2-D, 3-D, exploded views, cutaways, animations and emulations -the options are almost endless

Existing Documentation: Existing documentation such as reference manuals and P&IDs can be an effective, low cost alternative to traditional materials

Simulators: Practicing operations with simulators before you fly can save time and make you money!

Workbooks/Study Guides: A blend of information and directions for completing training assignments

Games: One of the most effective training tools available

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