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Designing Comprehensive Training Plans

A comprehensive training plan is developed for three compelling reasons: To help you assess where you are now, to help you determine where you need to be, and to develop and document systematic, measureable strategies for getting there.

Through the years, Delta T has helped foster a variety of training initiatives to satisfy a wide range of objectives. These initiatives include:

Organizational Effectiveness: Maximizing effectiveness through teambuilding, culture change, conflict resolution, organizational development, improved management/supervisory skills, and leadership training.

Technical Training: Technical training focused on your manufacturing processes, designed around your specific job positions and production requirements.

Maintenance Training: Intensifying knowledge and skill levels for maintenance crafts. (mechanical maintenance, E&I, etc.)

Existing Training Policies and Standards: Establishing or re-emphasizing standards for conducting, assessing, and managing training activities.

Initiatives to Intensify Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Language and Other Skills: Ongoing efforts to intensify basic skills, including computer -or classroom -based instruction.

ROI Initiatives: Determining where training dollars can improve the bottom line.

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