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Need Help?

Need assistance with the Fundamentals? We're here for you. Our goal is to provide our customers with dynamic, trouble-free training software. Our Fundamentals should function without problems on any computer that meets the minimum hardware and software requirements. If you do have problems getting the software to run, we suggest the following steps:

1 - First, check the documentation that is included with the Fundamentals. We have included detailed installation and setup procedures and notes on operating the lesson that should address most problems.

2 - The Known Issues section below may provide answers to a few problems that may arise.

3 - Finally, we provide technical support via phone or email.

Known Issues:

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Lessons will not save record files on the server/admin computer. (Applies to all Fundamentals except web-based lessons)

This is most likely the result of a network misconfiguration, security protocols/permissions at your site, or an erroneous step in the installation/setup process. Ensure that your site's network is correctly configured and that any users of the computer(s) running the lessons have read AND write permissions for the location on the network where the Fundamentals records are being stored. Double check the path to the network records storage directory in the "Recordspath.txt" file in the main lesson directory of any lesson that is failing to store records.

Miscellaneous records problems: incorrect records for students, scores not recording properly, unusual records files appearing. (Applies to all Fundamentals except web-based lessons)

Several updates to the lessons and to the supplementary Helm program have been made over the years to address problems with the records-keeping functions. If you are experiencing problems such as these, please contact us, and we will issue new copies of the lessons and/or Helm to you that should fix these problems.

Error messages appear when the lessons are run such as, "The filename format is incorrect, possibly because long filenames are not supported on this volume." or "Xtra failed." (Applies to all Fundamentals except web-based lessons)

This can happen if the full directory path up to and including the names of folders and files within the lesson exceeds the character limit. The solution is simply to move or reinstall the lesson to a location closer to the root of the drive where the lesson will be stored.

Font-related errors appear when the lesson are run. (Applies to all Brownstock Washing, Paper Machine Dry End, and Evaporator lessons, except web-based versions)

This is usually due to security settings that prevent the lessons from either installing or successfully detecting the two fonts that are required for these lessons. If you are using a computer running Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10, you may try running one of the lessons as an administrator once (right-click on the lesson executable and select "Run as administrator" from the context menu). The lessons may then be able to install the required fonts. If it is successful, you should not have to continue running the lesson in administrator mode.

If the fonts still cannot be installed successfully or if the computer is running Windows XP or earlier, please attempt to manually install the two required fonts on the computer being used to view the lessons. Both fonts are included in each folder containing a lesson in one of these series. If you have installed the fonts manually but still experience errors, consult the "Instructions.doc" Word document in the "font patch" folder on the last install disc for each series for details on a workaround. If the font patch was not included on your installation discs, contact us for a replacement.

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