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Our Courseware

Delta T has developed a library of computer-based training (CBT) and web-based training (WBT) titles designed to help trainees understand and use basic concepts integral to pulping, papermaking, and other industrial processes.

Our goal is to provide mills with a versatile training tool to jumpstart the training process and to provide trainees and even experienced operators with the prerequisite fundamental knowledge they need to operate effectively and efficiently. Our unique CBT design emphasizes not just knowledge acquisition, but the use of that knowledge to develop operating skills.

All of our Fundamentals titles are now available in their original versions, or as SCORM compliant web-based modules for use with your site's SCORM compatible Learning Management System (LMS). The web-based versions have been tested with ADL Test Suite 1.2.7, ADL SCORM 2004 4th Edition Test Suite 1.1.1, and within a Moodle LMS environment and are fully SCORM 1.2 or 2004 (4th edition) compliant.

Our CBT/WBT Design

Our CBT/WBT lessons were designed to be as effective as possible. In order to meet this goal, we've taken an extremely innovative approach to CBT design, one that is quite different from most of the typical CBT material offered elsewhere.

  • Lessons are tightly focused on specific mill areas
  • Can be studied in 20 to 60 minute intervals
  • Can be used in a variety of settings: individual study, study-on-shift, or group study
  • Lessons can be studied as stand-alone units (for example, a group of stock prep operators can bone up on refining fundamentals), or they can be used to build a comprehensive program.
  • Subject matter experts were used during preliminary design
  • Real mill personnel used to ensure technical accuracy and effectiveness for training
  • Lessons are founded upon the most effective and proven principles of instructional design
  • Interfaces are clean, easy to use, and logical
  • Designed as true multimedia packages - packed with graphics, animations, and audio to reinforce learning
  • Effective, interactive exercises and emulations built in to reinforce learning and keep the student interested
  • Designed to be used as either training tools or as reference tools
  • To successfully complete any lesson, trainees must use what they have learned rather than simply acquire knowledge


If you are looking for support for our Fundamentals courseware, please visit our software support page.

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