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Sam Lewis [@deltatraining.com]

  • 28 years in adult education, 18 in executive management
  • Author of dozens of workshops on training
  • Specialist in startup and operation of training organizations

Kevin Coughlin [@deltatraining.com]

  • 29 years training design/editing experience
  • Vast project management experience
  • Brings extensive pulp & paper and computer design expertise to projects

Charlie Coulter [@deltatraining.com]

  • 24 years management experience
  • Coordinator and co-author of many Fundamentals CBT series, comprising over 30 hours of dynamic, interactive training

Bronwyn Morgan [@ma-sc.org]

  • 28 years adult education experience
  • M.A. in instructional design
  • Extensive work with organizational effectiveness & quality system design

Kevin Roberts [@deltatraining.com]

  • Multimedia and CBT/WBT Programming Director
  • 18 years experience in interface programming & design
  • Spearheaded Fundamentals and site-specific CBT production

Guy Staat [@deltatraining.com]

  • Authored and developed many site-specific CBT lessons
  • Skilled in technical writing for both paper-based manuals and computer delivery
  • Over 17 years experience in 3D modeling, CBT authoring, & audio/video production

Michael Williamson [@deltatraining.com]

  • Over 21 years experience in training program development & illustration
  • Skilled in graphic layout and design for both print media and CBT
  • Co-developed many Fundamentals series and site-specific CBT lessons

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