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Andritz Now Exclusive Agent for Fundamentals

Andritz is now the exclusive agent for all Fundamentals training programs and courseware. For immediate information about any program, module, or the entire catalog, please contact David Johnson (912-481-3696) or Kerrie Pickens (770-640-2563).

All Fundamentals Now Available in a Flash-Free Format

Adobe Flash will be officially dead when all major browsers kill support for the platform by 2020. Although we don't agree with the rationale, and it's regrettable to lose such an effective and powerful platform for which there is no adequate replacement, we too have to evolve with the times. We have taken steps to ensure that our Fundamentals will continue to work after the plug is pulled. All of our Fundamentals titles are now available in a Flash-free, HTML5 format. These versions are offered as a free upgrade to any site that has previously purchased the same web-based, SCORM compliant versions of our Fundamentals titles.

All Fundamentals Now SCORM Compliant

All of our Fundamentals titles are now available in their original versions, or as SCORM compliant web-based modules for use with your site's SCORM compatible Learning Management System (LMS). The web-based versions have been tested with ADL Test Suite 1.2.7, SCORM 2004 4th Edition Test Suite 1.1.1, and within a Moodle LMS environment and are fully SCORM 1.2 or 2004 (4th edition) compliant. Download a PDF brochure for more information!

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